Run up to Cataclysmic Markets

I am not a market expert and although I do hope we witness a V-shaped recovery, few facts which I think should be noted that can work against the recovery: 

 1. U-turn – We were already in slowdown and GDP was dropping marginally ever since 2016 where it rose to 8.1% from 5.2% in 2011. Possibly the longest bull-run ever in Indian history. Only to get halted by demonetization. Followed which we have only witnessed the U-turn. 

2. Patchy – Major tax reform the country witnessed in years in the form of GST. But, the indirect tax revenue collection is hardly close to its projections; down by 40% despite heavy optimism poured by FinMin on the camera in any events, when asked about her views.

3. Pernicious – Year after year the waves kept coming, Defaults by various cos be it PSU banks or private cos from IL&FS, JetAirways, DHFL, Yes Bank, PNB, PMC to name a few. All at utterly bad timings. Nobody knows how many dead skeletons are yet to be discovered from the books. The financial burden of RBI likely to rise in given months as defaults expected touch peaks in coming months starting with Vodafone Idea* (personal view) 

4.The sick patient – Auto industry. Ever since the dawn of economic slowdown/EV reforms/BSVI announcements by the present government. Sales down up to 30% across segments compared to 2018-19. With the virus further knocking it down to last breaths. Hopefully enough damaged to get the government’s attention now to roll out reforms for the start of recovery. 

5. Old scar – Air India’s departure story continues with the private aviation industry itself seeking relief package from the government. An irony in itself! 

6. Debatable – The rising unemployment question from the past couple of years owing to slow down and failure to answer the question by the government.

Sure it is going to be a mammoth task for the RBI and the Central & State Governments but I am quite optimistic that we will endeavor. 


It is often overlooked
While other’s sees it clean
Little bits of garbage
Worth a fortune for few

Maybe the God is culprit
Or our greed is to blame
For some hold the power
Above a million souls

Sure, you can see the pain
Or look towards the Sun
For we shall be grateful
Even for a minute dust

Altruism in the times of pandemic

We all have had our story written and played by each individual personality. But if there is one thing which can bring us back on a table, it is a pandemic. Covid-19 or Coronavirus as you might have heard a billionth time is disrupting everything from our routine to non-routine activities. Turns out people across the globe have put in so much thought on how to run the economy that no one or very few countries already had seen this coming and had necessary tools in place to tackle this STORM!

India is one such country which got caught in the winds at the time when economy was slowly on it’s track to recovery from a tenure of slowdown. Everything from manufacturing to banking to education to service sector is blown by the winds except a few strong pillars who are fighting hard in this storm – the Outbreak.

Times like these when people who don’t have money are being told to remain indoors and given assurance with some cash/food distributions. But how much systems do we have in place to really distribute these life dependent valuables in time before their families die of hunger or some other malnutrition caused disease? We will see for ourselves in the coming weeks!!

Altruism might be right word to explain the pain or suffering of other human being, however can it put an end to the endless thoughts of restlessness while sitting under a roof writing this post just by contributing to PM-CARES fund ?


THE POLITICS of 21th Century INDIA

Today marks an important day as you have read in the news. Prime minister inaugurated the western peripheral expressway in Gurugram. Wait, I am not going to flood you with the boring facts about the project as I know you might have already read them in the news. Besides what good is going to come from reading them as well. Right?

But for people who want to know about it, check it here: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/watch-pm-modi-inaugurates-western-peripheral-expressway/videoshow/66695374.cms

Source: Economic Times

On the contrary, I am going to tell you, why I think running a political party is just like running a BIG COMPANY.  Let me explain, a company is basically an organization in business of making money by giving either some service or a product to its customer. In a way that is exactly what the political party do. They run the government and on behalf of the citizens so the citizens are its customers. Made sense?

If you watch the speech made by the BJP government all of this will make sense. As I see the inauguration speech, I came across to know that this project was envisioned in 2003 by late Vajpayee Ji. But let us not argue on the fact whether Congress deliberately delayed it or why it got delayed so much. Rather focus let’s focus on to see how the BJP took it up in the speech and did what I like to call, a BRILLIANT MARKETING for next year election’s. This was their marketing campaign for their political party. (A company)

Now you might think as to why how is it that BJP is making money from this marketing. It simply by gaining trust of citizens and their VOTE!  And you know very well how a VOTE will convert into money. (I am deliberately not touching on this)

Okay I hope it has made sense to you so far. Looking at the other dimension of it. Let’s talk about its EMPLOYEES – yes the people we call POLITICIANS and MP – MLA (NETA in HINDI). You will be surprised to know that such a large BIG COMPANY will need to pay hefty salaries to work in such roles, right? No, they work for FREE! Nonetheless they do have other sources of incomes, so don’t worry about their families. On the contrary people are willing to work for free for their entire life. As the work is considered a SERVICE to the nation. Don’t you think that it is a boon for a company such big in size? It is actually.

So far so good, right? However there is just one thing which does not checks out in the definition of a company i.e. its ownership. Who own a political party? No ONE! They are run by people who have been associated with them for long and people who have outshined amongst the others.

Making the AGENDA very clear, every political party wants to win the elections not just one but they want to win every elections across their reach be it PANCHAYAT, MUNICIPAL, STATE or NATIONAL. And just like every other organization, they want to be in business for eternity. They will be at least BJP and INC, as far as I can see!

Gone & Now – Verse 1

Gone are the days, we talked about slavery,
Now is the time, we talk about celebrity.

Gone are the days, we thought of revolution,
Now is the time, we think of pollution.

Gone are the days, we played on streets,
Now is the time, we play on screens.

Gone are the days, we cleaned our sins,
Now is the time, we clean our memory disk’s.

Gone are the days, we built monuments,
Now is the time, we build apartments. ( & Ram Mandir :p ) 

We shall fight…

We shall fight on the land
We shall fight in the water
We shall fight in the air
We shall fight the pain
We shall fight the enemy…

We shall never surrender
We shall never lose hope
We shall never give excuse
We shall fight the enemy…

We shall learn to forgive
We shall learn to have gratitude
We shall learn to challenge ourselves
We shall fight the enemy…

Penned by,

For there shall be…

For there shall be no hate only love,
For there shall be no war only peace,
For there shall be no enemy only allies,
For there shall be no racism only equality.

For there shall be no fall only rise,
For there shall be no fear only hope,
For there shall be no darkness only light,
For there shall be no abuse only kindness.

For there shall be no god only humanity,
For there shall be no evil only friendly,
For there shall be no problem only solution,
For there shall be no tear only happiness.

For there shall be no infinite only finite,
For there shall be no past & future only present,

Penned by,

For God’s sake stop using my name!

In the name of God, we start our day.
In the name of God, we name our children.
In the name of God, we name our shops.
In the name of the God, we give donations.

In the name of God, we follow rituals. 
In the name of God, we build temples.
In the name of God, we visit those temples.
In the name of God, we distribute Prasads.

In the name of God, we build a ideology.
In the name of God, we become communist.
In the name of God, we spread caste-ism.
In the name of God, we treat inequality.

In the name of God, we drive our political campaigns.
In the name of God, we ban beef.
In the name of God, we become vegetarian.
In the name of God, we bath in a river to wash our sins. 

In the name of God, we are the Evil. 

What are some of the biggest lies ever told?

A few years back a woman named Radhe Maa was all over the news for some frauds and criminal conspiracy. 
As soon as it caught my eye, I started reading articles about her. 

First of all, let me spread some light on her background.
Radhe Maa is an Indian spiritual leader based in Borivali suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra. She calls herself a God-Woman ( Radhe maa).

​So here are some of the biggest lies: 

  • Dressing up like a goddess and calling yourself a god, is a lie ( one of biggest lies actually )
  • Telling yourself: “Pure and pious”, is a lie.
  • Running a business in name of God and claiming to spread religious knowledge, is a lie.
  • People following her, donating a huge amount of money and thinking that your problems will be solved, is a lie.
  • To believe in her and considering her a goddess, is a lie.
  • Media giving too much attention to her thinking it is a big story is a lie.

And it’s not that I have any personal grudges against her or any such spiritual leaders. 
But even in the 21st century if you still believe in such people then, I am sorry but your existence is a lie.

Radhe Maa supports reading this on my blog, is a lie. (  let’s hope!)